Emergency Management

Randy Vernon is the Emergency Management Director for the City of Eldon. The Emergency Management Director is responsible for coordinating the City's efforts to prepare for every possible disaster that could happen, whether natural or man-made including: tornados, winter storms, epidemics, large fires, etc. Should a disaster occur, Randy will work with the Mayor and other City officials as well as county, state, and federal agencies to coordinate efforts for the most effective response to the situation while protecting human lives and property.

In case of a major emergency the City of Eldon has sheltering agreements with the following locations.

  • Eldon Community Center at 312 E 2nd
  • Ninth Street Christian Church at 1009 S. McKinley
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church at 540 N. Mill
  • First Christian Church at 103 S. Aurora
  • First Baptist Church at 209 S Aurora

The Eldon First Church of the Nazarene and the Tornado shelter building that is located between the South Elementary school and Upper Elementary school on 15th st are shelters in case of severe weather.

Emergency Planning

It is important to have a plan for every type of emergency imaginable. When our kids are young they are taught to have an escape plan in case of a house fire. Especially this time of year it is equally important to have a plan in case of severe weather.

  • How will you be notified? Advanced warning is the key to survival. I cannot stress the importance of having a weather radio enough. The city has outdoor warning sirens, but they meant to warn people who are outdoors. These sirens may not be heard inside your home or business due to wind speed/director or building materials etc. If you are on the road the American Red Cross has an app for Apple and Android devices that acts as a weather radio. 

  • Where will you go? The best place to seek shelter is underground such as a basement or a storm shelter, if you do not have access to one of the two get in an interior room on the lowest level of a non-mobile home.

  • What will you take? If possible take a flashlight, cell phone, a weather radio to know when the storm is over. Also take any other items that may be needed such as medications or food. (It is recommend to change the batteries during the spring and fall at day light savings time.)



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