Eldon Fire DepartmentThe City of Eldon Fire Department is a Municipal Fire Department with an ISO classification of four.  The EFD answers approximately 1100 to 1300 calls for service per year and is primarily a volunteer agency supplemented by a small paid staff. 

Currently there are 24 department members on the roster, five of whom are are paid employees of the City of Eldon.  Included in those five is the Fire Chief whose primary role is administrative.  This consists of maintaining staffing levels, training records, budgets and reports, and responding to most emergency incidents in the city as needed. 

The Fire Chief works Monday thru Friday and responds to any incident outside of the “normal” work hours as needed.  The remaining staff are on duty 24 hours per day, seven days per week and hold the ranks of Lieutenant and Firefighter Basic. These three staff members work a 24-hour shift, 8 a.m to 8 a.m. 

A shift consists of one paid member and is supplemented by the volunteers who respond from their homes or places of work. When not fighting fires, the full-time shift personnel perform maintenance and up-keep on all department equipment.  In addition, the Fire Department performs fire safety inspections for businesses to ensure commercial occupancy requirements comply with certain required safety standards. 

School Tour

They also perform fire prevention talks and demonstrations for civic organizations and schools. 

The Eldon Emergency Management Department is also staffed in the fire department.  This person is in charge of all emergency management operations within the city.  A portion of this position is paid for through grant funds with the state of Missouri.

Fighting Fires
All paid and volunteer members of the City of Eldon Fire Department maintain a high level of pride, dedication and professionalism.  More than half of the members are trained to a state level of Emergency Medical Technician while the others are trained to the level of Medical First Responder.  The majority of the members are trained to the state certified level of Firefighter 2 and those who aren’t at Firefighter 2 level are currently enrolled in the state certification program. 

The department gathers once a week for regular training sessions to ensure the members are familiar with the most current methods and standards in the fire service.    

Display of Trucks 2Fleet

The City of Eldon Fire Department maintains a fleet of seven front line fire apparatus, one support operations trailer and one fire safety house along with two staff vehicles.  These apparatus are meticulously maintained due to the fact that the trucks need to last an average of 25 to 30 years.  

There are two engines, two ladder trucks, one rescue, one brush truck and one utility trailer.  All of the fire apparatus carry basic life support medical equipment and two trucks carry Automatic External Defibrillators that can be used to deliver an electrical shock to a patient who’s heart has stopped. 

The Fire Department has the ability and equipment to handle everything from the birth of a child, a motor vehicle accident with entrapment to a hazardous materials spill.  

State Capitol

A very large portion of the equipment currently in use by the fire department has been paid for through state and federal grant funding.  At this time, approximately 1.5 million dollars have been acquired through grants enabling the department to maintain a consistent state of readiness and protection for the community.

The City of Eldon Fire Department is proud to have served the community since 1900.  

Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering, contact 392-9111 ext. 4 or contact any fire department member.

Your help is needed!  If it was not for volunteers, three-fourths of the United States would be without adequate fire protection including the community of Eldon.

Few jobs offer the challenges and rewards that volunteer fire, rescue and emergency services offer. This business is not for everyone. A person needs to have dedication and a willingness to learn new skills and be able to conquer new and diverse challenges.

As a volunteer, certain requirements must be met to even be accepted and then training will be conducted, teaching, among other things, how to react with confidence to a variety of emergency situations.

The work is not all that glamorous, either. It can be hot, sweaty, strenuous, dirty and often hazardous.

In spite of the the hardships connected with the job, the rewards are incredible if respect and appreciation are reward enough such as when saving a neighbor's home from burning to the ground or saving a child from injury or possible death. These require acting with courage in the face of danger.

If interested in joining the team and meeting the required challenges is not a problem, stop by the Eldon Fire Station.

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