The Eldon Police Department is headed by the City Marshal, an elected position. The City Marshal is the Eldon Police Chief Brian Kidwell who was appointed into the position by the mayor which was previously held by Rodney Fair who retired before his term was up.  Fair had held the position since 2005. 

Kidwell became a law enforcement officer in March 2001 which is first assignment beginning April 2001 as a road officer with Miller County. In 2003 Kidwell became a narcotics officer for the MOSMART possession section for Miller County. In 2004 he obtained the title of Detective with Miller County until June of 2007.  In October 2008 Kidwell came to work at the Eldon Police Department.In 2010 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. and in July 2012 he became a Captain and was promoted to Assistant Police Chief.  When Rodney Fair retired in February 2017, he became Chief of Police.

Officers of the Eldon Police Department: 

Police Chief Brian Kidwell
Assistant Police Chief, Captain Scott Elley
Detective Luke Gatlin
Corporal  Mark Beauchamp
Corporal Ethan McDowell
K9 Officer Justin Romito
SRO (School Resource officer) Robbie Tamm
Officer Tom McClelland
Officer Terry Etter
Officer Austin Kempker
Officer Ryan Kirkweg
Officer Dylan Jeffries

Reserve Officers:
Officer David Lawrence
Officer Michael Atkinson
Officer Tim Bradley
Officer Devon Davis
Officer Chad Hinds
Officer Jason Evans
Officer Joey Imperato
Officer Larry Bowling
Officer Joe Woods
Officer Dennis Sutton
Officer Darell Schute
Officer Jeremy Spratt
Officer Ray Hannon

Records Clerk:

Marsha Scott

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