Lost a Pet

Here are four very important tips for if you lost a pet:

  • Go to all the area shelters and look for the animal. While you're there fill out a lost pet report and drop off a flier of the pet. And keep checking back! You really should go into the shelter since many animals’ description varies from person to person. Many of the large shelters are extremely busy and your lost pet report may be overlooked. Since most shelters only hold animals for 6-7 days you should be diligent on looking for your pet.
  • If your pet has a microchip contact the agency that put the chip in. This could be your vet's office or the place you adopted the animal from. Contact the company the chip was from. This could be AVID, Homeagain, or several others.

  • Make up fliers. If possible include a picture of your pet. Use bright colored paper to draw attention to it. If placing these fliers on stop signs or utility poles be sure to use sturdy paper and consider waterproofing it. Post these fliers at shelters, vet offices, pet and grocery stores, police departments, post offices, and high traffic areas.

  • Place a lost pet report on the internet. Again, pictures are very helpful.


Found a Pet

  • Whenever you find an unattended pet then it is important to follow these procedures:
  • Call around to local shelters and make a found pet report right away. If possible, make up a flier and take it to those shelters.

  • Post fliers in the area. Use bright colored paper that is of a sturdy material and possibly waterproofed.

  • Take the animal to a veterinarian's office or have an animal control officer come to your house to have the pet scanned for a microchip. Make a found report with the chip company and the agency that implanted the chip.

  • Post a found pet on the internet.

Animal Collar

Be sure your pet is wearing a collar at all times. Often we hear that the pet has just had a bath and is not wearing a collar. This action is like taking a license plate off a vehicle when you take it through a car wash. Remember to put the collar back on immediately or better yet, don't take it off.

The collar should have a rabies vaccination tag on it. It is state law that pets receive this shot. Pets with a rabies tag and an ID tag with the owner's information have the highest rate of being returned. To avoid losing ID tags consider sewing your information into the pet’s collar. Also it is in the City Ordinance that all dog's inside city limits must be registered with the City and have a tag.


Having your pet microchipped is highly recommended. This will never fall off and can not be removed. As long as your information is on file and current your pet can be reunited within 24 hours. A microchip will also serve as permanent and indisputable identification in the event you suspect your pet has been stolen. If your pet has a chip and you believe a neighbor has your pet you have a better shot at obtaining a police report and/or winning a civil court case.

Please note that you will need the microchip number of the pet in order to make a lost or found pet report.
If your pet goes outdoors unattended, which is not recommended, be sure to have locks on your gate to prevent escape be it in error or of malicious intent.

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