Code Enforcement

Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for ensuring that residents and businesses comply with the city's building codes. The Building Department reviews and issues building permits and conducts building inspections. Permits are required for new construction as well as additions or alterations to existing buildings. The Building Department also oversees separate plumbing, mechanical, and electrical and follows the 2012 International Building Code regulations


Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department helps ensure that all city codes are followed.  Code Enforcement helps empower the citizens of their community to create and maintain safe, healthy and attractive living and working environments. The city's goal is to help improve neighborhoods and economic conditions, providing an image of Eldon as being a desirable location to work, live and raise a family.

The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for the preservation of neighborhoods by gaining compliance with applicable ordinances within the City of Eldon Code.


  • Accumulation of junk/trash/debris
  • Long term storage of RV’s, trailers and boats in yards
  • Inoperable/abandoned/unlicensed vehicles in plain sight
  • Old couches and furniture placed at the curb
  • Substandard housing
  • Irreparable/Unsafe Structures in need of demolition
  • Building/Construction Violations
  • Work started prior to obtaining permits
  • Nuisances/Tall grass & weeds
  • Swimming Pool required fencing and safety regulations


Residents are required to have trash service which is provided by Republic Services.  The trash fee is included on the utility bill.  As part of the service, there is curb-side pick up for items other than daily trash two times per year in the spring and fall.  The city does not and will not pick up these items at any time.  Other than spring and fall, Republic Services will pick them up for a fee.  Their number is 392-3900


Winter is approaching.  Portable heaters should never be used as a primary heat source. Smoke alarms should be located in all sleeping areas and batteries replaced regularly. A carbon monoxide detector is also detector to have in the home.

To help Emergency Responders, buildings need to have approved address numbers placed so they are visible from the street. The minimum size should be 4 inches in height and ½ inch in width.

If there is a question about whether or not a property is in compliance with city codes, the codes section on the website has up-to-date information with search capabilities using key words.


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